About This Project

  • My name is Sujay Jayaram and I am a Software Development Manager from London, UK. I have been in the IT Industry since 1993 and have worked as a developer for a number of different companies including Nokia (I cut my teeth in Telecomms), UBS, and RBS. I have also held management positions at RBS, Deutsche Bank, and BNP Paribas.

    I really enjoy my job, but inevitably (and and especially when managing larger teams), I get to spend less time actually coding, and keeping my tech skills up-to-date. Link-Monkey was written by myself during the six month period from January to July 2018, and has allowed me to take an idea from nothing to a final product. It's great to learn new things but its only when using those things in anger (and having to dot the 'i's and cross the 't's) that the real lessons are learnt. As a Development Manager, my coding background also means I am more in touch with the problems my team may be facing.

    I have worked with (and been proud to manage) many people who are far more capable than me, and there are a few common themes in the way these people behave:

    1. They are able to assimilate information that is 'thrown' at them in such a way as to be able to recall that information quickly when needed later on.

    2. Often, the new information, tasks or requirements are given when they are in the middle of something else (context switching is a real killer in the modern workplace) so being able to mobilise quickly is a key skill.

    3. People have many different ways of storing information (sometimes its just by keeping meticulous notes in a single text file and searching that file when needed). However they do it, it works!

    Link-Monkey is just solving the same problem in it's own way (and I love that I can say I used Link-Monkey as I was building Link-Monkey).

    As a final point, I love working on challenges big and small. I am able to take something from a thought to a reality (I've done this many times), and I enjoy looking after teams of all sizes. I'm not sure I could describe my management style in a few sentences but I am a fan of the servant style of leadership. If I can help you or your company, please do get in touch.